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Tips and advice

Please consider the following when ordering a translation:

  • Allow sufficient time for the completion of translations.
  • Please send us the text in as finalised a form as possible, thereby avoiding the additional expenses and time required for subsequent alterations.
  • Please provide clear provisions about the use of the text and its target group. This enables us to create a translation that corresponds exactly with the intention of the original text.
  • For each translation, we should receive the name of a contact person who is familiar with the text and can assist with questions and terminology.
  • Earlier translations and vocabulary lists, as well as any other materials dealing with the subject of the text to be translated, are always welcome and facilitate the work of the translator.
  • When you send e-mail messages concerning your translation project, please include, in the subject field, the work number we sent in our job confirmation. This will facilitate the handling of your matter.
  • We value customers’ feedback – both positive and negative!

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